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How we researched and developed Anove

Methods for designing and engineering Business Information Security artefacts
Yuri Bobbert
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This paper explores methods for designing and engineering a Business Information Security artefact like Anove. This was published on the Proceedings of the Enterprise Engineering Working Conference (EEWC) Forum 2017 in Antwerp.

Business Information Security artefacts

Preventing and responding to cybercrime is becoming an integral part of management practices which are supervised by the Board of Directors (BoD), and it can no longer be perceived as just traditional IT.

In order to improve the maturity of business information security a transformation is needed and this requires adequate reporting and dashboarding. Dashboard functions such as the current versus the desired state of the Maturity of Business Information Security (MBIS) reflect certain parameters that boards can influence.

Determining the key dashboard functions that reflect these parameters of control was the main motivation for this research paper and the ultimate goal was to engineer a BIS artefact. We propose a research and design method that could be used to establish an experimental dashboard with initial parameters of control based on a Group Support System (GSS) approach. Finally, GSS is evaluated as a method for a) examining which parameters are effective for BIS, from multiple perspectives and b) helping to implement the artefact (make it fit the purpose) as well as the associated decision-making.

Article on research methods for the design and engineering of a business information security artefact
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