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Our story

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We developed the AnoveAI

This is groundbreaking in GRC and will help companies become compliant in an efficient way. In the year 2024 we doubled our customer based per month. Customers like Breinstein, Smartbooks.ai (FinTech), TuringLAw, Medical Place (MEdTEch), Formecho (MedTech), Meetingwizard (EduTech).


Anove is launched

The launch of Anove as an international agency with a strong focus on supporting companies in their growth and, at the same time, assurance over their digital assets via the Anove Technology.


Publishing on Digital Assurance

The global launch of a large-scale platform to measure, monitor and assure the digital security performance on a strategic, managerial, and operational level. This technology was launched at the RSA at San Francisco Conference. The conference publication “On the Design and Engineering of a Zero Trust Security Artefact” can be found here.


Introducing the Lockchain

The Lockchain technology was built as a Security and Administration tool (SECA) and was developed to reduce the bureaucracy, and cumbersome risk and security processes large regulated firms have to deal with. The result of this was presented in London and published here as: LockChain Technology as One Source of Truth for Cyber, Information Security and Privacy. This was one of the Anove's predecessors.


Applying Digital assurance in enterprises

Large governments and financial institutes benefited from the approach, such as UWV and listed companies like NN Group, became the subject of advisories, implementation, and guidance. Enterprises that required a formal risk and security function engineered into the organization (enterprise engineering) with proper governance and assurance. Read more about this approach in this article.


Extending Digital transformation professorship

As a result of entrepreneurship combined with academic research into the field of digital, formal professorships were established and extended at Antwerp Management School, and many academic papers were published globally.


Applying digital assurance in 250+ companies

The book “How safe is your share” describes the role of boards and shareholders in protecting the company's valuable assets. It describes 25 cases out of the 250 companies treated with the MBIS methodology and Group Support System. The publication can be found here.


Launching SecuriMeter

The inception of the SecuriMeter. It is the first Information Security Management System (ISMS) to capture, measure and report risk and security performance. The start of conducting research projects and developing a Software as a Service technology for both commercial and research purposes. This longitudinal double Ph.D. research was conducted with Group Support Systems and had the objective of building the technology and to enable digital assurance. SecuriMeter was the first predecessor for Anove™.


Starting the journey with Maturing Business Information Security

The start of the “Maturing Business Information Security” methodology, research and establishment of a consulting firm focusing on IT governance and management practices. This resulted in the management book “Maturing Business Information Security,” describing the method to examine companies' performance concerning risk and security management.


Entering Security Technology space

We started with the first firewall and Intrusion Prevention Technologies. Implementing and servicing early security technologies.