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Comprehensive design science research

A comprehensive design science research about xTech Assurance

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a business without technology as most industries are becoming "smarter" and more tech-driven, ranging from small individual tech initiatives to complete business models with intertwined supply chains and "platform"-based business models.

“Strategic Approaches to Digital Platform Security Assurance” published at IGI Global

This book deals with a strategic approach to building and run Digital Platforms and at the same time gaining assurance over it.

It addresses significant problems when transforming an organization embracing API-based platform models, the use of DevOps teams, and issues in technological architectures.

Each section will examine the status quo for business technologies, the current challenges, and core success factors and approaches used.


Yuri Bobbert (ON2IT BV, The Netherlands & Antwerp Management School, University of Antwerp, Belgium), Maria Chtepen (BNP Paribas Group, Belgium), Tapan Kumar (Cognizant, The Netherlands), Yves Vanderbeken (DXC, Belgium), and Dennis Verslegers (Orange Cyberdefense, Belgium).

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