Today is D-day for digital assurance

as we launch our new technology to protect your business' digital assets

D-day for digital assurance with new technology to protect digital assets

Protecting digital assets is highly important because of permanent threats and is, unfortunately, still a hassle[1]. With upcoming and more strict European legislations, it is a significant absorber of time and resources for any company. As of today, companies can protect their digital assets, as Anove provides an aid for digital assurance. With their newest technology, companies can improve their digital protection levels, reduce control costs and save time. A great relief if you almost go under due to complex risk management, turbulent bureaucracy, and uncontrollable compliance activities.

We make digital assurance simple and affordable

Yuri Bobbert, CEO of Anove: “In my network, I speak with company owners and founders who face many challenges. They want to focus on growth and development, but new laws and regulations hinder them from accelerating their business. They drown in jargon and incomprehensible texts, splintered information across multiple tools, and are trapped in an administrative burden. There is a clear need to safeguard their digital assets, identify clear priorities, and automate assurance statements, something current tools on the market cannot guarantee. Anove provides this guarantee.”

Especially for xTech (e.g. FinTech, MedTech, InsurTech, GovTech etc) companies that are in the phase of raising capital or are yet to introduce their product or service, digital assurance is critical. Jean-Hugues Migeon, CTO of Anove: “We are the newest kid in town and provide an effortless technology based on +25 years of experience and research. We make digital assurance as simple and affordable as possible. For all good, we want to let a company owner, founder, or board member focus on the growth of its business.”

Rely on expertise and experience

The importance of digital assurance and the relief that Anove brings is already acknowledged in the market. “With Anove, we can serve new markets and gain assurance over our data privacy and security at the same time.”, says Sébastien Aubrée, CEO of Medical place.

Emira Sahili, Quality Manager of Formecho: “The technology and expertise of Anove safeguards our business assets without the time-consuming hassle. Owners of activities and responsibilities are clear which frees my mind and I can focus on my business.”

With the new Anove technology, companies benefit from actionable, continuous risk and security insights that ensure ownership and commitment. With an easy-to-use app, the technology provides a one-source-of-truth for all risk, compliance, and security measures. “It is like a security ERP”, Bobbert says.

About Anove

Anove has been at the forefront of digital security since 1996. Anove is founded by Dr. Yuri Bobbert and Jean-Hugues Migeon, and with a team of professionals, they help organizations accelerate in the digital age. The new Anove technology provides a proven Information Security Management System that captures all relevant data needed to protect business and assure compliance.

Anove International CEO Bobbert (NL) holds a double Ph.D. in Digital Security from Radboud University and the University of Antwerp. Over the past 20 years, he specialized in building security assurance technologies, such as the first Information Security Management Systems in 2008 and Governance Risk and Compliance tools to measure and monitor the performance of Digital Assurance. Bobbert is the former Head of Security, Risk, and Compliance of NN-Group NV, CEO, and co-founder of Meetingwizard technology.

Jean-Hugues Migeon (FR) is a data protection lawyer and expert in data privacy in technology platforms. He is recognized as an international technology specialist who served at NN-Group and at European Space Agency (ESA). Migeon is the Chief Technology Officer at Anove International.


[1] In 2021 Antwerp management School researchers investigated the problems and best practices to gain security assurance over digital business. Source:  

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